APRIL 2008

The initial seed of Christrevelation was an outworking of the Grace of God from when David first came to faith during the last two weeks of June 1992 by an audible call of God: "Work for God David", and a powerful visitation of The "Holy Spirit" in Hereford, England.


From April 2008 - 2010 we were serving in Ghana and Nigeria with an existing Church ministry in the areas of prophesy, preaching and teaching, holding evangelical meetings and serving in orphanages.


During a period of just over twelve months during the years 2009-2010 we, by the Grace of God, experienced a sovereign move of The Holy Spirit that took a church congregation from around 300 to over 1300 people.



From out of this experience, we were led to formally start Christ Revelation and began the work of our first Church planting ministry in Accra, Ghana.


Regularly in the Church services the miraculous, revelatory, healing and delivering gifts manifested as The Holy Spirit, willed. Through this manifestation of The Holy Spirit many souls came to understand and know the reality of Christ Jesus`s saving grace, love, repentance,forgiveness, fellowship and spiritual power. 


Sensing our season in West Africa was coming to an end in October 2014, plans were made to hand over the Christ Revelation plant to local ministers.


Since leaving, the Church has continued to grow exponentially and become completely self-financing.


Whilst studying at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, it was made clear by the Lord to co-founder of Christ Revelation, Ghana, that a Christ Revelation church should be planted in Oxford, England. Through acts of confirmation, prayer, and fasting, the leadership team decided to step out in faith.

JUNE 2016

We started hosting Prophetic Chambers Evangelism in Oxford's city centre during which we prayed and shared the gospel with various individuals.

During this time, the leadership team at Christ Revelation grew and the ministry began to take shape.


Christ Revelation held their first public meeting in the centre of Oxford. The ministry has grown in its leadership team, street mission activities, and is continuing to do so!